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About the Author


Editor of the Infolog is Sophie Schneider, student of Information Science (M.A.) at Humboldt University and graduate of Library Management (B.A.) at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences.

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About this blog

This blog is mainly aimed at sharing own experiences and findings concerning the digital field of information sciences, while reviews or shorter articles pointing to recent discussions can become part of this as well.

My interests can primarily be found within the discipline of "Digital Humanities" (from an information science point of view, of course), especially text and data mining as well as information visualization. But I am also interested in digital media and tools for generating and structuring digital content, such as social media, CMS or wikis. I would locate myself between different interdisciplinary research areas and the information sciences, examples would be the visualization of spaces or processing of natural language. Such interdisciplinary work shows the great potential of the information sciences, because they provide diverse disciplines with more general approaches and useful techniques.

All content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) – unless it is marked otherwise. The blog was technically implemented using WordPress and the Period WordPress Theme by Compete Themes.

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